Print & Logo Design

Boonzy Arts Candles

Label designs done for Boonzy Arts Candles, a Los Angeles-based small business that specializes in candles for tabletop gaming, as well as other geeky themes.

Coins of the Forge Candle Set (Boonzy Arts)

Typesetting, background design and compositing done to build labels for the Coins of the Forge line of candles from Boonzy Arts. Key art by artist Satine Phoenix.

Wencor Group 2017 Product Brochure

Download a PDF of the brochure.

Movie Posters (spec)


Comics on Comics

Miscellaneous Logo Design

Hydrajim Album Cover and Interior

Grant Morrison Event

Fringe TV Show Event

Allison Scagliotti for Cassie Hack

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Billboard (spec)

UnMasquerade Ball