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The 4 Movies That Made Me Want To Move To L.A.

Edit: I’m just bumping this one for a quick future edit, everyone. I originally churned this one out for a content mill, later porting it over to both CC2K and my personal blog. It’s a quaint little stroll down memory lane. Updates forthcoming.

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Unearthed Facebook: The 15 Book Meme

Another quickie today, folks. I found another “chain letter” meme from my Facebook archives, this one asking us to list fifteen books that “stayed with us.” I’ll drop in later to add some color commentary on each title from the current day, 2020, but for now, check it out. I still adore all the books on this list, even Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Continue reading “Unearthed Facebook: The 15 Book Meme”

Unearthed Facebook: The “What was I doing at these ages” meme: 25, 35 … and 42

So here’s a silly one: I ran across one of those “chain letter”-style Facebook memes where you fill out a survey, then tag another friend to fill out the same survey. In this case, I reflected on what I was up to at age 25 from the exalted vantage point of age 35. Some mild hilarity ensues, as I’ll note below. Continue reading “Unearthed Facebook: The “What was I doing at these ages” meme: 25, 35 … and 42″

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Trailer Thoughts

As I continue my efforts at middle-form blogging, I’m also going to unearth some critical writing from another source — correspondence with a friend of mine. I wound up writing at length about Penny Dreadful at some point, so I went back and unearthed it for this quick blog about the just-released trailer for the comeback series, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. 

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‘Cauldron’ Adaptations and FX’s Fargo (Season Four Trailer Thoughts)

Adaptation is a magical and powerful device. At least it can be. I think a lot of fans — me included — have gotten burned by bad adaptations of their favorite written works over the years. Those bad adaptations can, I think, make us forget how powerful a good one can be.

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