The 4 Movies That Made Me Want To Move To L.A.

Edit: I’m just bumping this one for a quick future edit, everyone. I originally churned this one out for a content mill, later porting it over to both CC2K and my personal blog. It’s a quaint little stroll down memory lane. Updates forthcoming.

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Unearthed Facebook: The 15 Book Meme

Another quickie today, folks. I found another “chain letter” meme from my Facebook archives, this one asking us to list fifteen books that “stayed with us.” I’ll drop in later to add some color commentary on each title from the current day, 2020, but for now, check it out. I still adore all the books on this list, even Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Continue reading “Unearthed Facebook: The 15 Book Meme”

Unearthed Facebook: The “What was I doing at these ages” meme: 25, 35 … and 42

So here’s a silly one: I ran across one of those “chain letter”-style Facebook memes where you fill out a survey, then tag another friend to fill out the same survey. In this case, I reflected on what I was up to at age 25 from the exalted vantage point of age 35. Some mild hilarity ensues, as I’ll note below. Continue reading “Unearthed Facebook: The “What was I doing at these ages” meme: 25, 35 … and 42″

The Ongoing Rehabilitation of My Critical Faculties: Revisited

UPDATE, FEB. 6 2020: My Facebook profile is officially dead, thank Crom. By my understanding, it’ll take another thirty days for all of my data to (hopefully) get wiped from their servers.

If you’ll indulge a moment’s introspection, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve allowed social media to completely derail my focus and thinking. To counter this effect, which has been building up over (roughly) the last decade and a half, I’ve deleted my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Continue reading “The Ongoing Rehabilitation of My Critical Faculties: Revisited”

Review: Julie Taymor’s The Tempest

Despite some excellent performances, Julie Taymor’s take on Shakespeare’s swan song doesn’t quite work.


I love Julie Taymor. I don’t always love her movies.

Watching her lavish new adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest brought me back to a lot of things — my adoration of the play, my impatience with the play, my early days writing for CC2K. I also found myself reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of film versus theater and how they challenge filmmakers who try to usher Shakespeare’s plays onto the screen.

I also found myself contemplating the role of special effects in moviemaking and how computer-generated effects still have the capacity to fail so utterly. I hate to shine so harsh a light on the special effects in a Shakespeare movie, but The Tempest is packed with some jaw-droppingly bad ones. They got in the way, when they should have helped the movie soar.

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